Living a Healthy Life & Achieving Happiness

Living a Healthy Life & Achieving Happiness

Achieving happiness is a universal desire felt by most people. The road to reaching this happiness, however, is unique for every individual. Many happy people have several attitudes and mindsets in common – Nando Caporicci outlines a few tips to gaining health of body and mind to achieve happiness today.

Take Care of Your Body

Sometimes living in ways that are detrimental to our bodies can provide short bursts of happiness – like indulging in unhealthy food or abusing drugs – but this never lasts. Taking part in unhealthy habits for short-term joy is an unsustainable way to achieve true happiness.

On the other hand, Nando Caporicci states that taking care of your body is the first step to health and happiness. This translates to different rules and actions in many cultures, but the important part to keep in mind is to stick to a healthy routine. This includes:

  • Choosing a diet that is not just healthy, but that you know you can stick to
  • Taking part in physical activity on a daily basis
  • Protecting your skin from harmful chemicals (wearing sunscreen, using gloves when cleaning your home)

Taking proper care of your body, whether you are old or young, will allow you to live a life that is not just long, but overall better. Better health allows you to take part in the activities you enjoy and live without limits.

Be Authentic like Nando Caporicci

What are the values that are true to you? Nando urges you to answer this question for yourself and live authentically by following your values.

Too many people live their lives according to other people’s rules without realizing that it is making them unhappy. Although it can be easy to pretend to agree with others and go along with someone else’s values, it takes effort to keep up the charade. It’s much more fulfilling to be authentic and commit actions that are in line with who you are and what you believe.

Living this way also allows you to steer clear of guilt and regret. If every action you make is in line with your personal values, you will know that you are making the right decisions for you and for those you care about.

Stay Mindful

Don’t keep the reflex of living life on autopilot. Be mindful and aware of your actions as well as your state of mind and body.

By staying mindful, you’ll know what brings you pain and what brings you joy, and thus be better informed about what to avoid and what to pursue to achieve happiness.

Surround Yourself with People You Want to Become

Have you heard the saying that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with?

Take a close look at your entourage. Are there any toxic people close to you? Sometimes we decide to keep a toxic person in our life because we feel like we owe them, but this shouldn’t come at the price of your happiness.

Enjoy the Road

No matter how you choose to achieve happiness, Nando Caporicci reminds you that happiness is not at the end of the road – it is found on the road itself.

Nando Caporicci

Nando Caporicci is the founder and owner of Olitris Technologies. Currently located in Les Cedres, Quebec, he is an entrepreneur and self-proprietor with a passion for Bitcoin mining hardware.