E-commerce Trends for 2019

E-commerce Trends for 2019

E-commerce provides businesses with a wide range of opportunities to grow and expand. Nando Caporicci, the Founder of Olitris Technologies, states that in today’s competitive online landscape, ecommerce is an effective means to generate revenue. In 2019, there are several major e-commerce trends to stay on top of to ensure that your business and brand do not fall by the wayside.


Chatbots are the future of e-commerce customer relations. A chatbot is a chat window on your e-commerce website where consumers can easily connect with you directly on your smartphone with issues they are having with your product or service. An effective means to increase your consumer base, chatbots are becoming an e-commerce standard.

Video Marketing

Videos are becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to get marketing across various channels, as live streaming and personalized video messages are now essential components for your business. For companies with a significant budget, animation is also on the rise. Nando Caporicci claims that auto-played videos are highly popular on social media platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram as motion on an otherwise static screen demands attention.

Ensure Your Site is Mobile Friendly

In 2019, your e-commerce store must be mobile-friendly, and the checkout process needs to be plain and simple. If you want to keep up with e-commerce trends in 2019, aim for one-click ordering. This can not only increase buys, but it can boost your conversion rate and satisfy busy shoppers. Statistics show that the global mobile payment revenue from 2015 to 2019 will shoot up from $450 billion to an estimated 1+ trillion by the end of 2019.

Know Your Customer

It is extremely important to be able to experience your e-commerce website in the way that your customers do. That is why Nando Caporicci suggests using software that allows you to track the customer journey. You can now utilize different tools to help you learn more about your customers, and then use those insights to your benefit. Additionally, analytics software is improving every day, allowing business owners to make informed decisions about their products, marketing and strategy. If you are using Google Analytics alone, it may be time to upgrade and use other channels to ensure the data is consistent.

As the e-commerce market continues to grow, businesses are looking for ways to cut out the middle man to improve margins and get closer to the consumer. If you happen to be this middleman, it may be time to shift your focus towards the sales and marketing space.

Nando Caporicci Stresses Personalization

Last, but not least, is personalization. As technology has allowed for brands to become more and more specific, consumers are going to continue to expect more personalized content and services as time goes on. Personalization based on a users previous interest and browsing behavior will be at the forefront, so brands that do this best will lead the way and beat out other competition.

Nando Caporicci

Nando Caporicci is the founder and owner of Olitris Technologies. Currently located in Les Cedres, Quebec, he is an entrepreneur and self-proprietor with a passion for Bitcoin mining hardware.