Nando Caporicci is the owner and founder of Olitris Technologies. Located in Les Cedres, Quebec, the company specializes in building and maintaining bitcoin hardware systems for other companies. Olitris Technologies also help confirm and verify all cryptocurrency transactions.


nando caporicci university education

Nando Caporicci embarked on his higher education in Quebec, Canada when he was admitted to Concordia University. There, he completed his political science degree in 1994. However, upon obtaining his undergraduate degree, he felt that his passion had found its way to business commerce. As a result, he decided to change direction and underwent his Master’s degree in Business Administration. With a major in Marketing from the City University of Seattle, he graduated in 1998.

While in pursuit of his post-secondary education, Nando experienced first hand the difficulties of adulthood. In addition, he also learned the value of his peers’ as well as his mentors’ approval. He worked tirelessly with the people around him to gain their respect and recognition. He also learned to build a strong network, something that will eventually aid him in his professional journey.

Professional Career

Upon completion of his academia, Nando Caporicci wanted to continue working with leading-edge markets. What captured his attention was the emerging technology as a way of doing business. More specifically, he saw great potential in internet technology and the power of the world wide web. Because of this, and the potential he saw in internet technology, it fueled his passion. He learned everything there is to know about mailers, infomercials, display ads, and concluded that the world wide web would be the strongest and most robust way of conducting his marketing strategies.

Nando’s first professional endeavor was when he worked with ICP Global Technologies. There, he provided an internet presence for the company as opposed to an e-commerce website. While it was a solid and humble start, he felt that it was not the ideal position for him. It lacked the opportunity and challenge for him to engage his creative side. Therefore, he decided to continue searching for a more suitable position, one that will allow his talents to shine.

Olitris Technologies

Eventually, he landed himself a job at and was able to run the affiliate marketing program. In addition to landing this job, he also had the chance to hone his entrepreneurial skills over the years. He established his own business that specialized in B2B marketing, which stands for business to business. At this time, he discovered a new virtual currency, a cryptocurrency, called Bitcoin. With the success of his business, he also became very knowledgeable about Bitcoin, and decided to dive deep into Bitcoin mining hardware business.

The knowledge that he has on Bitcoin and cryptocurrency allowed him to start his business, Olitris Technologies. Olitris is a named after his two children, Olivia and Tristan. He wanted to start an empire that was fueled by the love he has for his children. He also wants to be able to leave something behind for his children to remember. As the President of Olitris Technologies, Nando Caporicci continues to stay humble for future endeavors while enjoying the benefits of his hard labor.

Legacy of Nando Caporicci

nando caporocci camera woodsThe purpose of this website is for Nando Robert Caporicci to not only humbly showcase his accomplishments, but also connect with others. It serves as a platform for him to reach out to like-minded professional individuals. In addition, Nando wishes to act as a pillar of inspiration for those that are looking to start their own business, or work with cryptocurencies.

On this website, Nando wishes to showcase his exclusive interviews, his feature articles, as well as his professionally written blogs. In addition, he has a contact page for those who wish to get in touch with him to discuss Bitcoin hardware or other business ventures. As a father with children with autism, Nando also wishes to spread awareness regarding the topic. Last but not least, this website is also a legacy that Nando wishes to leave behind for his children.