Equipped with years of experience in Bitcoin mining, Nando Caporicci has a ton of knowledge regarding cryptocurrency. He currently operates in Les Cedres, Quebec and runs his own business. When he isn’t busy with managing his company, he enjoys writing. In fact, during weekends, aside from spending time with his family, Nando likes to read and write. He believes that while waking up early in the morning and going for a morning walk allows the body to stay in shape, reading and writing are what keep the mind sharp.

As an entrepreneur, Nando has had the opportunity to write a lot about topics that he is passionate about. These include Bitcoin, cryptocurrency, and the future of finance as well as virus removal for computers. In addition to writing about technology, he also published a few blogs on charitable giving and what it is like to be a dad for a child with autism. Nando Caporicci has been very involved with the autistic community and believes spreading awareness is key. Last but not least, he also wrote a few blogs on healthy living as well as achieving happiness.

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Nando Caporicci’s Blogs

Nando Caporicci’s blogs can be found on Medium. Medium is a popular online blog sharing platform. On Medium, users can create their own accounts and write about a topic of their own choosing. Countless people all over the world have published on Medium, and Nando is no different!


Nando Caporicci: Raising a Child With Autism – Medium

Its normal to want to provide the best chances in life for our children, but having a child with autism presents many challenges for parents. This blog provided by Nando Caporicci of Les Cedres, QC, Canada will look at ways that parents of children on the spectrum can best help their children and meet their unique needs.

Nando Caporicci: Computer Virus Removals – Medium

We created computers make our lives and daily tasks easier, but when you end up with a computer virus your life might suddenly become much more complicated There is a lot of misinformation online when it comes to computer viruses and computer virus removal.

Nando Caporicci: Tips On Giving To Charitable Organizations

Giving to charity is a very important thing to some people, while for others it is only a passing thought. Typically through the holidays or during a natural disaster that gets a lot of media coverage. Whether you are a seasoned philanthropist or a sporadic donner, there are always a few key points to remember before you bring out your checkbook.

Nando Caporicci: Eat Healthy and Increase Your Sense of Well-Being

“Science has only recently come to understand and explore the relationship between diet and mental health, although the relationship between nutrition and physical health has been studied for some time,” says Nando Caporicci of OliTris Technologies in Les Cedres, QC, Canada .

Nando Caporicci: Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency and the Future of Money

There is a growing interest in cryptocurrency and more and more people are either investing in it or considering investing. This blog provided by Nando Caporicci of Les Cedres, QC, Canada will explore what is cryptocurrency and how it works.

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