With a profound background in Business Administration and Marketing, Nando Robert Caporicci is always eager to expand his professional network. By expanding his network, he is able to connect with other like minded individuals. Individuals that share the same work ethic as well as passions as him. In fact, Nando attributes his success today to his ability to build relationships wherever he goes. He started honing his relationship building skills back when he was still in post-secondary school. By the time he embarked on his professional journey, and just a few years after working, he already developed a robust clientele and an impressive network.

Today, as the founder and owner of Olistris Technologies, located in Les Cedres, Quebec, Nando Caporicci is looking to further expand his reach. With a passion for internet technologies, Nando has seen first hand the significance of connecting with people worldwide. Therefore, while located in Quebec, Nando would like to connect with people all over the world.

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Complete the form below to get in touch with Nando Caporicci. As a business owner and self-proprietor, Nando would be honored to discuss potential business opportunities. In addition, as a father to autistic children, Nando would relish in the chance to spread awareness for children living with autism.